Wyze Cam Pan - buffering & sound issues

I am having two ongoing issues with my Wyze Cam Pan: (1) buffering all the time whether looking at the feed on my Android phone or Echo Show. (2) losing sound quite often. Can sometimes get it back by exiting the app and restarting, but not always.

Both of these issues have made it a real problem for using the camera to keep an eye on and communicate with my 89 year old mom.
Please tell me there is a fix for both items.


Try , close app, then go to recent apps,close it there too, go back open app back up

Thanks for the tip. I have already tried this process of closing down the apps, the recent apps and starting over. This did not work. Unfortunately, if I have to go through this process every time I want to look at a camera then these cameras will not work for me and I now own 3.

Now today I was getting the message from Echo Show that the cameras were both unavailable at my mom’s home, but I could see them on my Android phone. So, I uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app, reconnected the cameras and I can see them again. This is crazy. Too much work to be able to see the cameras. The Wyze Cam Pan is buffering every 5 seconds or so while the Wyze Cam 2 is fine. Hoping WYZE can offer solutions quickly.


They are working on it, I’m running the beta app right now and it’s working pretty good ,they said, They will release it to the public Aug 6 so maybe that will fix your problems then

I tried everything and I’m a network engineer using the beta version of the app fixed 99 percent of my issues


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I was having buffering issues as well. The beta app seems to have nearly eliminated that problem.