Wyze Cam Outdoor V3 (Battery Cam v2) Ideas

Oil Tank Camera

Hello, long time supporter of Wyze. Love their products! I’ve been meaning to post this for a few years now.

I’d like to see a camera dedicated to monitoring my oil tank. It would need to be battery operated as I suspect most folks don’t have AC power near by like I do. I have used Wyze cameras to get this done with reasonable success. Here is the pic:

The problem with this is that I cannot adjust the IR led to dim it down so it makes it hard to read. Now I’m using one of my older cameras and you can see it’s getting tired.

Here is the analog gauge taken with my phone.

A battery operated camera (another SKU for wired versus wireless?) to make it wireless would make installation easy. Also, the camera could push an image once per day or at an interval selected by the user. Just need a periodic snapshot to monitor oil levels.

You could set detection zone and use an algorithm that detects a real slow change because it would take a week or two to hit a level you want to get notified on, for example.

We shop around for oil to get the best price so we are not on automatic delivery. Also, my brother said they have a lot of folks run out of oil (he works in HVAC) so it’s pretty common as I understand.

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