Wyze Cam Outdoor V2 questions, Delay in notifications?


I am interested in getting the new Wzye Cam Outdoor V2. I have read and watched a few reviews. The only negative I see is that because it’s battery power it takes a lot longer to send notifications of Events versus the Wyze Camera V3 that is plugged in.

Has anyone here have that experience? Also what do you think of the Outdoor V2 for convenience of battery vs the Wyze Cam v3? Also, good results on the solar panel for the V2?

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I have 2 of the Model WVOD1. The notification delay, in my case, is less than 2-3 seconds. However, opening the camera to livestream (check to see a real-time camera view) often takes 5 seconds.

The battery seems quite good as long as you don’t keep it running in livestream for long periods.

Depending on the triggering event, often you only get half of the event (i.e. person enters camera sensing but does not trigger recording until start until halfway through the horizontal frame). The OUTDOOR CAM is best used to capture short events to conserve the battery.

I subscribe to Cam Plus to get the most out of these cameras. I set my Recording Cooldown to 15 seconds and max video to 30 seconds. So if as long as the camera detects motion, I will get up to 30 seconds of recorded video, then a 15-second cooldown. These 30-second snippets seem to work in my case to capture any nefarious lurkers in my back driveway area. I also integrated WYZE and IFTTT to flash my living room lights if motion is detected.


Is WVOD1 the Wyze Outdoor Camera V2? Cool on IFTTT.

WVOD1 is version 1 of the outdoor CAM. Don’t have any version 2 on my network yet.

This is the best review of V2 that I have viewed. Interesting that my V1 seems to react fast on my wifi network.

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OK, well thanks. I’m asking about the V2. I’ve heard negative things about the V1 version.

Hello, how do you like the time it takes to receive notifications with the Outdoor V2? Versus a plugged in Wyze?


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