Wyze cam outdoor pir sensor

Where is the pir sensor located on the wyze cam outdoor? I’m wondering if it’s because I have the cam in a birdhouse that it’s not detecting motion? Is it the bottom part of the circle? Below the line?
My camera detects like 2-3 events the whole day but only right after I change the sensitivity to 100.it just so happens that a car passes as soon as I change it so it detects but after that, it doesn’t detect at all.
today i did get 2 events of cars passing but it was detected as a person.
I’ve checked all settings and checked that event recording and notifications are on. I’ve also been playing around with the sensitivity settings. I deleted and reinstalled the app. Deleted the camera from the list and set it up again. I even checked if it’s because the base station might have been far from the camera but after I moved it to the window, the connection is stronger so I don’t think that’s the problem. Which leaves me to think maybe it’s because the hole of the birdhouse partially covers the pir sensor? I mean if it is correct that the sensor is the bottom part of the black circle in the front.
Thanks for any help

Yes, bottom half of the “death star” on the front of the WCO is the pir.

Can you post a picture of how the camera is mounted?