Wyze cam outdoor - full duplex audio like the pan or half duplex like v2?

Has this ever been asked and answered? Just wondering what type of audio it is. I was planning on having my outdoor by my front door so full duplex audio would be nice.


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Yes, the outdoor cam does have this! Wyze calls it 2-way audio.

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yes but there are different types of 2 way audio. The v2 has a walkie talkie type 2 way audio where you have to press to talk and release to listen. The pan and tilt has full duplex audio which is like a cell phone where you can talk and hear at the same time. Just wondering which one the outdoor will have.


From your link it seems to imply the outdoor will have the full duplex audio… Thanks


Never thought of it that way.
Glad I could help! :slightly_smiling_face:

How interesting. Other than the PTZ related features (and the extra flakiness with bridges) this is the first substantive feature difference I’ve heard of. Thanks, @jjfacejj !

This could be a major decider in picking one as a substitute doorbell camera.


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Not having a Pan, I though all Wyze audio was as annoying as on the V2


I can confirm audio on the outdoor cam is full duplex just like the pan


Great thanks everyone. Yes I was considering mounting one somewhere around my door as a cheap doorbell camera. Doesn’t have to be great audio but full duplex will be useful.

Well, I never knew the Pan was full duplex. I’ll be doing a V2 / Pan swap. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah apparently none of us did! :slight_smile:

Personally I’m looking more and more at alternatives. For example Amcrest has a doorbell that is already shipping and has PIR. (And it looks way better than the Wyze leaked shots.) They also have NVRs and so many camera models it’s hard to keep track. Very dedicated to the space, if you will, unlike some other “lifestyle” companies.

I’m in a little bit of analysis paralysis at the moment, with Wyze and Yi and Amcrest and Reo and Eufy and the bigger vendors. I’ve still got some Wyze gear I haven’t even opened yet …

If you are okay with the cost the eufy video doorbell is excellent. Just quite expensive unless you already have the homebase with other cameras.

For $40 the wyze cam outdoor will probably be all I need. All I want is to be able to see who is at the door and tell most of them to go away :smiley: Of course if wyze ever make their own doorbell…

Hmm, thanks, didn’t know they had one. Even after coupon theirs is still $40 more than Amcrest’s $100 item. Wonder what Wyze’s will cost. (I had been waiting for it but found the purported design awful.)

the bigger issue is the speaker is SOOOO quiet on the cam you can barely hear it…