Wyze cam outdoor completely discharging

Two night’s in a row now I have charged the camera to 100% and found it dead by the morning. The charge is only lasting 12 to 18 hours tops. The first time I recharged it I left the power on which had worked in the past before. So when I found it dead in the morning I figured I’d better charge it with the power off. Both ways of charging produced a dead camera within that 12 to 18 hour time period. I’m going to delete the camera today and reset it. Any other ideas would be appreciated. It recently got an update through the beta program I’ll probably back that out too. Just curious if anybody else is having this problem.

How are you using the camera? How many events? Watching it live? What firmware version is on the camera?

Tagging in the @Mods since this is probably a beta issue, we’ll move this to the correct section of the forums.


Revert back to the March 9th firmware for both the camera’s and the Oudoor Cam base. Don’t bother with Wyze tech support as they are a joke. I reverted my camera’s to the March 9th update but they still dropped significantly in a day so I believe it may be the base’s firmware that was causing the issue.

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