Wyze cam outdoor battery prediction


Here is how this would work, the wyze cam outdoor will moniter your battery, motion events and power usage every hour.

After gathering all this data, it would make a future prediction on how long the battery will last for,

so you know when to expect to change it.

In the real world the graph would show days, weeks and months not by the hour, I just made it that way to prove how it would work.

What is your opinion on this idea?

I really like this idea! :boom:
It seems like it would be a great way to get a warning in advance and assuming different activity impacts the battery drain you can’t just rely on a calendar to recharge.


I like it.


Yes. That might be exactly the direction for an app enhancement that Wyze could use.

All for it.


Cool addition to the app IMO. Although dark mode hasn’t been added yet and it has been like a year since it has been asked for, this will take much longer probably. It still will be really cool.


We have 5 votes?.. this would take next to nothing to have added to the app in the camera settings.

Yes I’ve seen that the battery life is displayed in a percentage per corner but, that is lacking.

Let’s get some votes on this.


I don’t even need a prediction, but I would like a graph so I can at lease see trends and make my own prediction.


*We need a built in battery analysis Tool for the wireless cams, similar to the ones on a phone. I need to be able to diagnose the reasons for excessive battery drain so that I can tweak settings, location of camera, or simply see if the cam itself is faulty.
Instead of crying to Wyze every time there is an issue, many of us would be happy to diagnose issues ourselves so that we can quickly repair the issue.

The ability to run the cams from a portable power source would be sweet too.


This looks cool!

It does look cool. We need more than a prediction however. The most important feature would be battery usage diagnostics to go along with the prediction. We need to know how to EXTEND the battery lives, ourselves. I change it when it notifies me of low battery, but I have no idea why the battery is so low, so fast on some of them.

Yeah… I’m getting 2-3 weeks for each outdoor cam I have.