Outdoor Cams Battery Remaining

Don’t think I’m really this first person to ask for this but I can’t find anything with search.

How about: adding the percent battery remaining to the optional time/date tag in the video.

I know that using the app on an iPhone will show me the percent (although updates “slowly”) - BUT I use and iMac and Bluestacks with TinyCam Pro to monitor all my Wyze cams (1-v1, 3-v2, 4-pan and 6-Outdoor) - yeah that’s a total of 14 Wyze cams. Bluestacks and TinyCam Pro handles it well.

It would be nice (convenient) to have the percentage on-screen when I monitor things.

Thanks for everything.

Just confirming, You want a battery percentage overlay to be included in the video signal so that it can be viewed when using 3rd party software and be recorded onto the video or event videos?

Edit, I wonder if tinycam has the ability to decode or able to pull the battery info somehow and display it. That’d be a more tinycam directed question and not Wyze related.

Well - third party software isn’t the point (or issue).

The Date / Time are overlaid in the (more or less) lower right corner with the WYZE logo in the opposite lower left corner of the video image.

What I am asking (wishing) for is to have the battery percentage also included in the symbology of Date / Time. This would be included in the image whether viewed in the Wyze app or someplace else; just part of the video stream. Of course, this would also show up in the video as displayed with TinyCam.

Hope this makes it clearer - all it would be doing is adding additional symbology to the Date / Time string.