Wyze Cam Outdoor Battery and WiFi

So my secondary WiFi was out for 10hrs (which I use for Wyze Cam) and the Battery was at 68%…10hrs with no WiFi connection and 19% battery. I Opened a Case on this issue…I will NOT be purchasing any additional Wyze products as this company needs to focus on a Core Product group (as to the Problems it’s products have)…HEY WYZE…It’s time to get out from the garage and into Corporate thinking. Going back to Ring as I never did remove the Solar Panel. The Wyze Security kit and additional senors to be donated to Goodwill. All the other toy’s I will keep until they break.

Of course the battery went from 68% to 19% in 10 hours. The camera was trying to connect to the network the entire time like it is supposed to do. You could have turned it off with the app.

This does not happen with Ring…A software fix should be looked into. I did not know (10hrs later) until I checked the App and noticed the battery at 19%. 2nd time this happen and I was on Vacation 2 months ago when this 1st happen.