Wyze Cam OG?

Spec wise they are fairly similar, but there are some differences. OG has the Bluetooth setup feature whereas the V3 as the scan the QR code. The OG interface has the picture and picture option with other OG’s or OGT’s. Here is a support article with a comparison.

I don’t know. I got on this thread to figure out the same thing. It seems that they are just wasting effort on the v3 and v3 pro if they are coming out with different and cheaper products that do the same thing.
Maybe they will include 2 lenses in the next camera, so you don’t have to buy 2 of the different OGs.

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I’m waiting for this. No way am I buying two separate cameras just for that. It really should have launched that way, but maybe it wasn’t possible with the target price point. :man_shrugging:

I think @deusxmac was asking why the OG is cheaper then v3 but has similar specs.

Okay, well Wyze also launched this behind the scenes video talking about the creation of the OGs. Talks about price, specs, etc.

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Wyze Cam OG is officially launched. I have closed this thread. Please continue discussion, comments and questions over here:


Update: I am being told that a new app version will not be needed. The ability to add the camera will be turned on server-side by sometime this evening.