Wyze Cam OG?


Interesting. These are not anywhere near compelling enough features to make me want to upgrade any of my V3’s. Same sensor and resolution? Really?! My V3’s already have the spotlight attached. Not complaining to complain, but looking at the marketing and hype, I was actually anticipating wanting to upgrade some of these cameras…

This is just a really strange model to fit into the current lineup, especially after the pro was just released.

there’s a new telephoto lense

Gadgetnutz accidentally published an advance article on the Wyze Cam OG yesterday, then pulled it down, but you can still read the cached version.

As it turns out, there are two OG cameras coming tomorrow: the OG, and the OG Telephoto (3X fixed optical zoom). Apparently they can be stacked together to provide a zoomed picture-in-picture. It is a significant innovation for a budget camera to provide optical zoom, and even more so to come up with a way to combine the zoomed image with the wide angle image at Wyze’s price point.

I’m also curious about the “wired” labeling for the camera. Does that mean that the Wyze Cam OG is adopting some sort of system similar to PoE (power over Ethernet), with power and data over the same cable? Because if so, that would provide another jump in video performance (higher bandwidth, fewer compression artifacts). The question is how it would be plugged into your home network.

So I can see how the OG would fit into the product line. Get a v3 or a Pan v3 if all you care about is WiFi connectivity, and want something very simple and quick to install. But if you want optical zoom and improved video, buy the OG and OG Telephoto.

I’m definitely looking forward to Wyze’s formal announcement tomorrow.

My guess would be power wired as in v3, v3Pro and v3PanCam. Non battery operated.

You’re almost certainly right. I saw some leaked images of the OG box on Twitter, and the power cable seems to be the same type as previous cameras. So it was wishful thinking on my part, but it would still be pretty cool if Wyze could crack wired data transmission in a simple and cost-effective way.

It would seem that the Wyze Cam v3 Pro is somewhat of an orphan product in this case. The OG has an integrated spotlight, and its lower resolution is offset by the ability to add a second camera at a total price that is only slightly higher than the v3 Pro. I don’t see a path forward for the Pro, unless Wyze is using it as a test bed to eventually bump up the resolution for all their cameras.

So the software for the Wyze Cam OG will be released tomorrow?

Camera as well (officially).

The original battery powered camera was called Wyze Cam Outdoor at a time when all the other cameras (V1, V2) were not outdoor rated. However, when the outdoor rated V3 was introduced, using the term “outdoor” to designate battery powered became obsolete.

Wyze is transitioning to using the terminology “wired” to refer to cameras that need a full-time power connection from a cable connected to a power adapter, and using the term “battery” for cameras that have an integrated battery.


I got the camera already. They are selling them already at HD here in Manhattan Kansas.

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I know, Home Depot dropped the ball and started selling them before Wyze announced them as well before they released the app support.

An unfortunate side effect of the expanded active lineup is that it will make talking about and supporting the cams that much harder as unskilled user schmoes flounder about.



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If they really want to call this thing the “og”, it needs to be $19.99 with free shipping and not require ANY form of cam plus for 12 second notifications

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it has bluetooth

Any idea what time this is supposed to happen?

Keep an eye on the #news category here today and wyze.com


Still don’t see the option to select wyze cam OG on the Wyze App. Do any of you guys?

There needs to be an app update first. Keep an eye on the #news for the announcement.

The product launch is official:

Regarding the app update, I expect that soon although the deadline is not until shipped products start arriving and Home Depot is officially released to sell them.


Performance-wise, what differences are there between the current Wyze Cam V3 and this new Wyze Cam OG?
Resolution seems to be the same, weather-proofing seems to be the same, but the former is currently $36 and the latter is only $20; 44% cheaper.
What am I missing here?