Wyze Cam OG - network encryption is not supported error

Just bought a new Wyze Cam OD to replace a Wyze Cam v3 that I will relocate. However I ran into a problem during setup that I haven’t encountered on any of my other Wyze Cameras. During setup everything goes smoothly until it connects to my network. That’s when the OG camera says the network encryption is not supported? What gives? I have other Wyze cams working for n my network without any problems.

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Check your network security settings. It probably isn’t liking the WPA2\WPA3 PSK settings your router is employing. Back those down to WPA2 and see if the cam stops doing this.

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I have the same problem as wlmorin. All my other (plenty) Wyze Cams (and other Wyze gadgets) can connect to my network but the Wyze CamOG refuses to do so with the “network encryption method not supported” error message. I am using WPA2 and also have tried WPA/WPA2 - both to no avail. I also disabled the 5GHz wireless network in order to allow for log in but that didn’t help either. This seems to be an unique issue to Wyze Cam OG. Any recommendations to make this work?

Did you reboot the router and then power cycle the cam after you changed the network security settings on the router?

Yes, I did powercycle the camera after power cycling the modem and the router.

When my OG was announcing the network encryption incompatibility, it would still log in and work, it just announced that message every time it rebooted.

Switching it down to WPA\WPA2 PSK (Personal) stopped the announcement.

The OG is unique both in it’s setup routine and it’s OS.