Network Encryption

Hello - I am trying to set up a brand new Wyze camera, and after the QR read while things are processing I get a spoken message from the camera saying “Network Encryption Not Supported”. The connection then times out. I notice that the LED flashes between yellow and blue.

I have searched the forums and Google for this message and nothing is turning up - any ideas?

Does your wifi network have encryption turned on or off? If it’s on, what type is it?


As Carlos asked, what type of encryption are you using… the Wyze support pages includes this:

The Wyze Cam supports WPA and WPA2 protocols.

The Wyze Cam does not support WEP protocols because WEP is not as secure as WPA and WPA2 protocols.

So first verify that you are using WPA or WPA2.

It also probably doesn’t support any of the enterprise encryption or authentication systems.


hello, the error message “network encryption not supported” is indicating that the user is likely attempting to connect the cameras to a wifi network which supports an encryption protocol other than wpa/wpa2, which is what wyze camera require; i.e. wep may be enabled, instead of wpa/wpa2.

I’ll wager he figured that out by now and never comes back to this thread.

No, you lost the wager… I am using a Wifi setup by Verizon FIOS and trying to figure out what encryption I am currently using is not going to be easy. So I guess I cannot use the camera on my network…

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You’ve got three options…


Log into the router and select a more appropriate encryption type. They probably default to WEP since it’s compatible with old stuff, and the ISP doesn’t want tech support calls for that.


Disable routing and wireless on that device and install your own wireless router. Any good one will improve speed and coverage over the junk provided by the ISP.


Disable wireless and add another wireless access point of your own. Not really a great solution for most people.


hello, would the below fios internet support article help provide a reference example:



and select wpa2 :slight_smile:

This is the only reasonable thing to do. It’s not just about these cameras; the default WEP encryption is child’s play to break, so your network has a huge security hole.


I have the same problem (though not using fios ). All my other (plenty) Wyze Cams (and other Wyze gadgets) can connect to my network but the Wyze CamOG refuses to do so with the “network encryption method not supported” error message. I am using WPA2 and also have tried WPA/WPA2 - both to no avail. I also disabled the 5GHz wireless network in order to allow for log in but that didn’t help either. This seems to be an unique issue to Wyze Cam OG. Any recommendations to make this work?