\"Networking encryption method not supported\"?

I got the above verbal message when I attempted to set my wyzecam up - what methods are supported and where do I change them?

hello, this message is in response to the cameras requiring wpa/wpa support on your wifi network. you will need to enable wpa/wpa2 support on your wifi router.

please see the below 2 support links for reference. both 2.4ghz and wpa/wpa2 support is required.




How do you enable wpa/WPA2 on your router?

That would be a setting in the WiFi setup of your access point. How you accomplish that would be different depending on your AP. Note that if you are using WEP, the security of your access point can be cracked in seconds. Should not be used - EVER.


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I have the wpa2 support enabled on my wifi router and phone is connected to the 2.5ghz network I am still getting network not supported

Most often there are several different modes of WPA2 available on modern routers. What is the exact protocol you enabled on yours? :slight_smile:

I have a dual mode router I just noticed I have the 2.4 on WEP my 5ghz is on EPA mixed/personal so that may be the problem I will try to change it without effecting all of my other wifi equipment alexa dot and plugs. Do you know off hand if that will effect them with your product needing the WPA on the 2.4ghz wifi ?

Hmmmm, I don’t think it will affect them, but then again I’ve never had any of my router’s bands on just WEP before.

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Ok thank u

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Alexa will support WPA, but you will probably have to reconnect/reinstall them.

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