Wyze Cam misleading "OFFLINE" indicator

For each camera in the app, there are 3 possible indicators that can appear, in the first column:

  • A thumbnail – The camera can be accessed.

  • A thumbnail with the word “OFFLINE” – The camera cannot be accessed through AWS, but can be accessed locally.

  • A camera icon with the word “OFFLINE” – The camera cannot be accessed through AWS, but might be accessible locally.

I believe the word “OFFLINE” is misleading; as it implies the camera is either not turned on, or cannot be accessed locally. The word “OFFLINE” should be removed. The “No Cloud” icon in the last column already describes the issue.

I’ve got this consistently on one of my v3 cams even after a reset and a support ticket. Going to result in me returning the cam for a replacement so if this is a firmware bug it’d be nice if it’s fixed.

Ya drives me nuts always offline but never is

Same issue. My two camera say Offline (cloud with line thru it as well). I can access a live shot, but it doesn’t pick up motion and in Settings for the specific camera, I cannot reset the camera thru the iOS app. I’ll try unplugging and replugging the camera. Again, I can get a Live shot on my app and it says it is connected to the WiFi, BUT a few days ago I reset my router, but it is connected still and sending Live shots.

OH! Am I to understand that I may have gotten 6 mths free for Lyte and now I have to pay to access my cameras? Brilliant, if so.

What? you don’t have to pay for Lite ever, or or to access your cameras, ever. The offline indicator is a bug Wyze is working on.

I’m still experiencing these issues with cameras either going offline while I still get notifications from them or getting that cloud icon with slash, which I assume is same as being offline. Are we getting a fix for this???

I occasionally have the misleading offline indicator as well but can view live feed from the cam. I installed smart plugs on all my cams so that when this does happen, I power cycle the plug from my smart home screen to reset the cam. This always works (more often after a firmware update). Once cycled, they behave normally. Leads me to believe it is an issue with the app not recognizing the cam after the IP has changed from a cam losing and resetting on the WiFi. I have a mesh WiFi with an extender, so my cams have a tendency to jump to the strongest signal and reappear with a new IP. When I see the offline indicator, it’s just a couple clicks to get it back into operation.