Cloud symbol

This is unbelievable stupid

Yes It is! Wait, what are we talking about?

What does the cloud symbol mean where it normally says on or off

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The cloud symbol you are referring to is an icon that would indicate that the device is offline.

However, for the cameras there is a known issue that you may see this icon but when calling up the device it operates as intended.

The Wyze team is working to correct this.

But, if you have the cloud icon and the device is not connected best to follow the offline troubleshooting guide.


My camera works as usual. But, like you said, the cloud symbol has replaced the on/off indicator.

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This has been a problem recently. Some have corrected the issue by Starting the App, Going to Account, scroll to the bottom then Log out of the app. Wait a bit, then log back in. Simple thing to try.

Another option is to take one camera and remove the power, wait for about 10 secongs then apply power again. After about a minute, go to the app and do a live stream. Also check to se if the camera shows online

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