Wyze Cam losing charge

I have 4 outdoor wireless cameras hooked up to solar panels. 3 are working perfect and holding charge at 100% but 1 consistently losing a percent or two daily . I switched the solar panels to see if they were faulty but other ones worked flawlessly. Am I too assume camera is faulty and just won’t hold the charge and sooner or later I’ll have to plug it in or replace it. All were bought reletively close to each other. Sorry for the long winded post.

Hello @haltonhome and welcome to the forms. The issue may be that the solar panel is not getting as much light as the other 3. 1-2% a day I believed is considered normal.

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Some other items to consider. Are the settings the exact same on the cameras?

Is there any difference in terms of motion activities, recording, or cool down on the camera in question?

I have 3 facing the same direction. I switched the panel with one of the others and still happening. The only thing I haven’t done is switch cameras to see if still happens. Maybe I’ll try that just to see.

My new V2 went to < 10% battery in about 2 weeks. My V1 lasted months. So I looked to determine the difference and found that I did not turn on the Detection Zone. I turned it on and blocked out the trees in the way (The ones I could), and after a month, I am down to 80%. Big improvement.

I’m going to check all the setting and see what I can find out.

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Will test this week and see what I can do to improve it. I’m at 93% today after about 4-5 days. Other ones still at 100%