Wyze Cam Floodlight Firmware Released - 12/1/21

Wyze Cam Floodlight firmware is releasing today! This update makes some small adjustments to the user interface and fixes a few bugs. :bug:

Read our Release Notes:


Why were there bugs in the first place?! Don’t you guys test your products prior to release? Seems like every software related product you release comes with bugs.

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Apple is a much larger company and they also have bug fix updates for updates. Now and then when a new version is released, another update will be released in the next day or two. Putting a new version in the real world is different than the beta testers. It’s not just Wyze that does this.

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How much testing do you need for a friggin floodlight? And yes, Apple is just as guilty at being lazy too.

Trying to give insight and not deflect here since it seems like you may be sincerely asking. :slight_smile:

The floodlight isn’t only a light that goes on and off. It’s connected to a camera (or two) and has its own sensors and conditions. The more complexity in a device and/or the environment in which it will be used (such as outside your insulated house), the more likely it is that we’ll bonk into something in the real world that didn’t pop up in testing or we found the issue but didn’t have enough data to isolate and fix it yet. Sometimes bug fixes are minor improvements that impact things from our end more than for customers (this is an update like that and that’s why there’s not a lot of detail here).

We know that bugs are frustrating and we try to keep the super frustrating ones to ourselves but I know we don’t always succeed at that. We have been continuing to grow our infrastructure, processes, and employees to improve stability and do things like reduce the likelihood of bugs. It’s tricky! But I’ve been here long enough to see changes that I think will be what I point to later to say that they were a turning point. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens as time goes on. :slight_smile:


And yet Wyze still hasn’t fixed the pink flash bug on V2 cameras or made a way for us to delete our own background pics in the Wyze Band. Or even addressed the Wyze Band strap causing rashes.

I have three v2 cameras that do not have the pink flash issue you are experiencing,

As for changing the picture on the Wyze band, that is nit picking.

The band on my Wyze band and my wife’s Wyze band do not cause a rash. I understand some people have an allergic reaction.

Methinks @WyzeGwendolyn explained it clearly, now you bring up more trivial issues.

Where can I get floodlight firmware to put onto the camera SD Card to flash it? My floodlight cam is bootlooping since this update.

Well, many of us here have the pink flash issue. When you turn the camera on via the app, the camera will make a loud click sound, louder than it used to do as it moves the IR lense. Then there is a pink flash from the IR LED’s that is picked up by the camera and recorded. This happens with all my V2 and Pan cameras.

And for the picture on the Wzye Band, I don’t think you understood what I was talking about. These are the background pictures we can upload into the Band. I have numerous duplicate ones that can’t be deleted and are just taking up storage space.

I’m not sure it’s an allergic reaction to the Wzye Band strap that’s happening, unless it’s something in the coloring and not the silicone itself because I wore a silicone strap on a watch for 30 years and never one got a skin rash from it.

And clearly what is trivial to you, isn’t for everyone else. I paid good money for these products and expect them to work as advertised. I was a big supporter of Wzye when they first started out but then they changed their business model. But if you can’t be helpful, then don’t reply to my posts.

Don’t feed the trolls.

Is there any way to turn on the flood light via voice controls. I’m using Google Home with Google assistant. I can stream the video to my devices but I can’t figure out a way to turn on and off the flood light via voice. Is there a way to do this and if not will it be a feature in the future?

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There are always bugs in software. I work for a software company in software support, believe me, there are always bugs.

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Brother in law is an old time retired IBM software engineer. The term “bug” was coined when a moth got caught in between relay contacts. This was when computers would take up a large room.

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