App and firmware updates - Released 10/31/2023

We’re releasing an iOS hotfix, 2 updates for Wyze Cam Pan v2, and a firmware for Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro :floodlight_pro: that adds audio clip and repeat interval settings for Motion Warning. The rest are bug fixes and security improvements. :bug:

iOS Hotfix:
Wyze Cam Pan v2: and
Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro:

:notebook: Read our Release Notes:


Anybody have any good or bad reports on iOS Hotfix:

I updated 1 Pan Cam v2, with both updates - it required both updates to be run one at a time.

It updated with no issues both times.

Are you also using the iOS Hotfix App If so, how is the App working for you?

I just updated to iOS Hotfix: App. All the basic App functions I use are working great for me. Checking Live View within the App, Cloud Event video viewing works as it should and viewing SD card Playback. Thumbs up on the basic functions listed above.

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