Wyze Cam v3 firmware - Released 10/30/2023

We’re releasing Wyze Cam v3 firmware today! This is only going to devices with firmware and has a fix for an issue that led to a greater brick likelihood when updating. Thanks for reporting that issue!

Read our Release Notes:


I have a Wyze cam floodlight that refuses to update from I have tried the app multiple times. Is it possible to download the bin for the firmware to attempt to install it manually? Or can I try going to a higher version manually?

This cam needs an update desperately. It is horribly unreliable compared to my other two Wyze floodlights. This is also in a highly trafficked area and the floodlight does not respect the setting to stay off when I want it to.

You could try a higher version by manually flashing. Have you tried unplugging the power cord for 30 seconds to see if the problem v3 will automatically perform an update?