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When I get a notification of an event and click on it, why doesn’t it bring me right to the list of events? Silly that it goes to the app home.

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When you get a Push notification of an Event that happened, clicking on the notification should not be launching the app to the Home Device List.

If the Event in the push notification is still ongoing, that is that it is still in the process of recording and uploading, it should launch you to the Live Stream for that cam.

If the Event has fully concluded recording and uploading, it should be launching you to the Event Player for that specific event.

Brings me to device list every time. Whether still recording or otherwise. Maybe because I have cam-plus??

Nope. I have Cam Plus on all my cams as well. I have for years and have never been launched to the device list.

The difference I see is I am on Android and you are on iOS. The two apps are not programmed the same although they should have identical features. This may be an iOS specific issue provided you are using it on a current, standard iOS device and not something unsupported.

My suggestion to troubleshoot…

  • Insure the app is fully updated to the most current release and test.
  • Delete\Uninstall the app and reinstall it from the App Store.

If it continues, I can tag in some iOS users to troubleshoot.

I’ll do that and report back. Thanks.

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I have IOS app version and Cam Plus Lite. When I get a Notification on my Lock Screen, it takes my directly to the Cloud Event video. iPadOS 17.1.1.

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