Wyze Cam 3 glitches

Having a couple of issues with cameras:

  1. Cameras Live View is Off but still recording. Every time I go to live view I have to turn the camera back on. In the meantime the camera will continue to record events.

  2. Camera will not show live view but continues to record. When I go to live view it simply shows a still image from a previous event.

Any fixes?


There was recently a Service Outage that is just now being restored. If these glitches just started happening, it may be a result of that. Please recheck your Events.

If it has been happening for some time, please make sure your App and your Firmware are up to date and post your versions here.

Can you also post some screenshots of the app when it is presenting these glitches?


It looks like the firmware is up to date version on all devices. Version .2864 is suspended but loosely coincides with the issues.

Here’s a screen shot of the “frozen” camera early this morning. The time stamp is for yesterday.

Key information here. The app is getting no signal from the cam. It is at 0 KBps.

Since you have your device on WiFi and it is showing a good signal in the status bar, I would be highly suspect of the signal between the cam and the WiFi.

Have your tried restarting the camera and the WiFi router?

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