Wyze cam 3 auto night vision issues does notntyrn back to day mode

I have just get a Wyze cam v3.
I found a vey annoying proble I wonder if it os happening onlynin muy cam…
The automatic Mode for night vision works weel switching from light to darle, bit not in the opposite case. Even with lot of light It the cam still un Night vision Mode (black and White).

I wonder if it is a bug of the firmware or maybe it needs some kind of configuración.

Bring that single camera up in live steam in portrait mode. Do you see a crescent moon just above the live stream to the right? Does that say ON? If so, touch it until it says AUTO.

You might also want to try just turning it OFF. The V3 has a very sensitive starlight sensor, so it can see much better at light if you have any light in the area. I don’t even use night vision any more here in the suburbs.

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