Wyze Cam 2 notifications of motion when turning on

I have 5 Wyze Cam2 cameras set on rules to turn on each night at 9:00 pm. When they turn on each camera sends a motion detection notification. Why do they do this and how can I get them to turn on without sending a notification of motion? I have set motion sensitivity to minimum and they still send the notification when they turn on. Suggestions please? Thank you, Dave

Welcome David. Your cams interpret pixel contrast changes as motion. When you turn a v2 cam on at night, the cam adjusts brightness (and optionally turns IR lights on) for an optimal image. The result of that adjustment is seen as motion. You can avoid the notification by changing turn off/on camera to either turn off/on motion detection or turn off/on notification.


So if I turn them on and leave them on 24/7 I should not receive these phantom motion notifications? I installed these to monitor our home while we are gone for extended time for weeks at a time. Thank you for your response to my issue.

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Yes, if you leave them on 24/7 and don’t want the odd startup notifications, just change your existing 9pm-??? rule to turn on notifications instead of turn camera on. Keep in mind that your cam will record events 24/7 with this rule, you just won’t receive notifications for any recorded events outside of your 9pm-??? window.

If you want to get rid of the odd startup notifications, but don’t want the cam recording events 24/7, change your existing 9pm-??? rule to turn on motion detection instead of turn camera on. With this rule, your cam will be on 24/7 but will only record events and send associated notifications from 9pm-???.

With either rule change, if you make the change while the cam is off, nothing will turn the cam back on… Make sure your cam is “on” after saving the rule. Go to Wyze app Home > select your cam to start a live stream > click the More icon > note the state of the Turn off/Turn on icon at the bottom.

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I have my V2 cameras on 24x7 at a remote location. I also have lights scheduled to be turned on and off at random times to make the remote location appear occupied. Many, many times I get motion notifications from the camera when a light is turned on. I have the Cam Plus service enabled on one of the cameras, but it also sends motion notifications when a light is turned on.

Kind of annoying and defeats the purpose of using the cameras in conjunction with lights as a security system.