Wyze c-wire adapter installation help- no screws on control board

Hello, I am having an issue determining the correct way to install the C wire adapter and would REALLY appreciate any help you can offer.

Pictures below.

Additional photos here, as it only let me upload one. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

need a better image of this area

Specifically looking for wire nuts.


Looks like a Black with White Stripe on the upper connector. You would need to chase that wire down and see what it is connected to. Usually, you use the adapter for systems that DO NOT have a C wire.

Hi @speadie. Thanks for your reply. I got a bit impatient and ended up repurposing the G wire for common and which bypassed the need for the C wire adapter completely.

I’ll leave this advice up for anyone who may face the same. In our case, we don’t really have a need for independent fan control so I believe it’s a non issue.

Well, if you want your air conditioner to work, you will want the G wire, but for winter, I suppose it’s fine.

C is brown, but there tend to be more than one brown wire in these systems, so it’s best to find the wirenut that the air conditioner condenser is getting its common from and use that as the C wire. But I see how, from this angle, the parallax effect can make it look like black with white stripe could be C.