C wire adapter WYZE thermostat

I don’t see the wires to connect the adapter… Help

Can I get a close up of the labeling under this connector
Assuming it says this:
Then the brown wire will be your C.

And also a close up of the wires in here:

You shouldn’t need the C adapter, I see plenty of unused wires wrapped around the thermostat cable,
If you share the images, I can tell you where to attach one to use as a C wire.

Also share a picture of your current thermostat wiring.

This is the thermostat wiring. I will get the other pics in the morning. Wouldn’t I need the c wire adapter since there isn’t a c wire for the thermostat?

You would need the adapter if there are no other wires hiding in the wall.

Ok and my other question is if the brown wire is the c wire how do I connect the adapter since the wires are connected with a harness onto the control panel?

The wires from that connector go down to that other location with the wire nuts.

Ah ok so I could just connect the adapter down there. I’ll check it out tomorrow and send more pics. Thanks!

He’s saying if you have unused wires that go from the thermostat to the other end, you would use one of those wires to connect to the C wire and not use the adapter. You only need the adapter if you don’t have sufficient wires between the thermostat and the control board.

Yes I was just clarifying in case I need the adapter.

Here are the 2 pics

Check in the wall behind your thermostat for other wires, if you don’t have any, then you’d hook up the wyze C adapter as follows:

Found it!

Just add the brown wire that is wrapped around the thermostat wire here to the brown wire nut, and connect it to C on the wyze, and you should be good to go. :slight_smile:

Ok so I don’t see a brown wire… There are black, orange, pinkish and light blue

That means you have a splice somewhere. You can try with the blue wire instead, but it all depends on if they connected the wires they weren’t using when they spliced the 2 runs together.

Ok so the only color extra wires I have behind the thermostat are dark blue, orange, and brown. The color of the extra wires on the control board are black, orange, light blue and pinkish. So the only color that are in both places is orange. Should I try that one?

You could, but your better option would be to find the splice and make sure the wire goes where you expect it to go. Otherwise, you could just use the C adapter and not worry about it. It’s better to not use a wire color that is normally used for another feature, because the next person who works on the device might think it’s following the standard color coding and short something out.

Couldn’t get the c wire figured out so I just used the adapter. Thanks for the help! It’s running perfectly!

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