Wiring issue - old AC, need C-Wire help!

Hello! I recently got my hands on the Wyze thermostat, but I didn’t realize the AC unit was as old as it is.
I’ve got the set up that I have pictured below. Nothing seams to be labeled though. I’m in an APT and they gave me permission to install it but the maintained dude doesn’t do HVAC and they said they wont pay a dude to come mark them.
So let’s see how the internet does! Any help would be much appreciative!

Behind my current thermostat head I have:
a White wire plugged into W,
an Orange wire plugged into Y.
a Blue wire plugged into G.
and a Red wire plugged into R

@Ken.S and @speadie are great community helpers with the wiring.

BTW, Welcome to the Wyze community!


Thank you!
I went through many of the forums hoping to find someone with the same set up but couldn’t find anyone unfortunately. However I did see them comment on quite a few posts, so thank you for sending them my way!

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You’ll need to install the C wire adapter, this should be the C wire, just add the C wire from the adapter to that wire nut



Okay, so add the C wire adapter there, then just splice the rest of the wires in to the other connections?

Yep, just follow the instructions in the app labeling the wires and installing the adapter, it’s pretty straight forward.