Wyze Bulbs unresponsive after latest firmware update

Latest beta app with latest bulb firmware updated has caused the bulbs to be unresponsive to on off commands in the app, Alexa hooks, or automations. The app crashes after about 4-5 on off commands are pressed in the app.
I have two bulbs in a group and am trying to turn off it on the group when the app crashes.

Second Help Request!!
I tried to resync the bulbs by re-adding them. I reset the first bulb ( standard three off-on at switch ) this put the bulb in pairing mode, but the bulbs WiFi network is requiring a password and I can not find any reference to what this might be. As a result, I now have a flashing bulb that can’t be added to the app, this pleases my wife to no end ( that’s sarcasm in case you were unsure )

I don’t mind Beta testing for Wyze, I then really enjoy it, but that said, to release firmware for your bulbs that makes them completely unusable is really poor process control. That is such a basic check, who the h?ll is green lighting a release with this major a bug