Wyze App crashes when trying to operate Bulbs, Bulbs no longer functional after Firmware update

@WyzeGwendolyn It appears you no longer offer Saturday support. This is Not a good look, it conveys a very negative lack of concern for those that are only available on weekends as they are working the rest of your available support hours!!

I have been a staunch supporter of Wyze since pre v2 cam release, but i have noticed an increasingly poor performance of the firmware and app QC verification prior to release. Beta testing implies that an actual Alpha test has been done. Basic checklists should be verified prior to any release, be it Beta or production.

I attempted to reach you today for a complete failure of my Wyze Bulbs after the latest firmware release.

Beta App version 2.11.35, Bulb firmware version

Bulbs will no longer respond to Alexa hooks, Wyze app can not turn them off or on consistently (1/10 tries) and then the app itself crashes (BSOD)

I then attempted to reset the bulbs and re-add them. The bulbs WiFi is coming up, but it is showing that it is an encrypted WiFi, which would be fine if you published a password, but since you don’t, I now have my bulbs flashing stark white at full brightness and no way to control them other that the wall switch (which in and of itself is worthless for me as we run these bulbs at 10% and warm white).

As stated, I am a staunch supporter of Wyze and their products, but the combination of Major Bugs leaving products that were perfectly functional completely unusable and then no longer having weekend support is a bridge too far!!

Just my thoughts, but I do need assistance on the bulbs as I am currently dodging a wife ready to take my “smart” home and shove it somewhere uncomfortable…


I am super sorry about my delay here! Are you still having difficulty with your Wyze Bulbs? I’ll tag @Kimj here.

We do have alpha testing before the beta cycle but we are also working on ways to improve our pre-alpha testing and tighten things up in general. Thank you for your feedback and we apologize for the experience you (and your wife) had. We hope your smart home is intact. :grimacing: