Wyze Bulb wont sync up

I have several bulbs that lose connection and do not re-sync. Some times they say they are on but I can’t control them with the app. 90% of the time the show the cloud with a line through it and never sync up again.

I have to delete them and set them up again. This is a cycle that I have been doing since I received them. They are pretty much worthless for me right now if they do not reset themselves.

what kind of situation are they in?

is someone possible hitting the switch off by accident, not remembering they were changed to smart bulbs? I had that issue with my son…and it blew my mind when I thought of it.

how far are they from your router? what is the signal strength reading from the router to the bulbs?

do you see any circumstance that every day at a certain time ( say when you turn on something electronic) and that’s when they go offline? interference can’t be ruled out.

what type of lamp base are they in?

I have them all in lamps (switch on switch off no dimmers) and are set to come on and off at certain times. They worked for about a week after I got them from the first mail out and then lost connection and wont sync back up. I did learn that turning them off manually messes up the connection. I figured that if we didn’t touch them after that and they eventually lost connection again. We don’t have any kids, so it was easy to just leave alone and see how they worked. Internet connection is strong at all corners of our home. I have a Roomba that runs every day wiFi with no issue. I think I might just have a bad batch? If this is they way they are, they are not going to work for us. I would think they would need to sync back up much quicker. I have Wyze cameras and sensors through out the home that seem to be working perfectly from the get go.

I have the same problem. Bought 40 of these. 10 appear to be duds that will not re-sync after forgetting where they are. I really enjoy climbing up the ladder to replace the duds. Probably going to cycle the duds out with a purchase on amazon. Get what you pay for is correct. Hopefully they have a cure for this garbage they sold me.

I returned all mine. Just like you, they wouldn’t sync or even get online. Wish these would have worked better. Hope they figure it out.

Same problem here. I have eight bulbs. All worked fine for about two months, and then one failed after the other. One or two could be resynced but failed a few days later. Long past time to return them. The even bigger thing to burn out around here, though, is Wyze’s reputation.