Wyze Bulb White + Wyze Sense Motion Sensor Question

I know that the Wyze Bulb Color can be combined with the Wyze Sense Motion Sensor to be motion activated via creating a simple rule in the Wyze app. What is not clear on the Wyze Bulb White product page is if it is also compatible with the Wyze Sense Motion Sensor.

My intended use case and reason for this question is:

  • My 90-year-old mother has dementia.
  • I would like to pair a series Wyze bulbs with specific Wyze motion sensors so that when my mother gets up at night to use the restroom, each light in her travel path will come on and go off automatically to safely light her path - especially the light over the toilet.

I currently use GE LED+ light bulbs with built-in motion sensor which work fine, but I would like to use Wyze bulbs to be able to control the bulb’s brightness and to utilize rules-based integration with the Wyze Sense Home Monitoring base station and service.

If any Wyze product engineers happen to read this post, please consider a Wyze light bulb (either white or color) with a BUILT-IN motion sensor like the GE LED+ -OR- making a “stand-alone” version of the Wyze Lamp Socket that DOES NOT require a Wyze Cam v2 and supports motion activation, light controls, and rules-based schedules. Products like this would make the lives of those of us responsible for caring for elderly parents and/or disabled/mentally challenged family members so much easier.

To anyone who reads this post, thank you in advance for any advice or recommendations. I truly appreciate you taking your valuable time to respond!

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All Wyze bulbs are compatible with rules tied to any type of Wyze sensor (motion v1, motion v2, entry, contact, leak, etc.). If you are familiar with rule/trigger for Motion Sensor v1 > Bulb Color, the rule is similar… just specify Bulb White as the action and set your on/off, brightness and color temp.


Seapup, Thank you for the information. I knew I could count on the experts in the forum for great advice! I will order the bulbs and motion sensors ASAP.


Keep in mind that sensors do not work standalone. Motion Sensor v1 requires a Sense v1 bridge that plugs into the back of a Cam v2. Motion Sensor v2 requires an HMS (Home Monitoring System) hub.


Seapup, yes sir, I have a V2 HMS hub and service contract for my mother’s home, so I should be able to accomplish what I need with the latest versions of the Wyze Bulb White and V2 Motion Sensors plus correctly configuring both the devices and rules within the Wyze app. If I am missing a step, please let me know.

Again, thank you very much for your insight and assistance.


You’re good to go! :+1:

If you have issues setting up your rule(s) or experience unexpected rule behavior, just reply back with a screenshot of your rule and we’ll help you out. Many of us are currently running the same rule/trigger (motion > bulb) use case and it works very well. You can also stack multiple actions such as motion detected > bulb actions + plug actions + whatever.

You’re also going to have to create separate rules for bulb-off timeout. The rule trigger is going to look like motion has been clear for x time > action turn bulb(s) off. As long as there is motion, bulb-off trigger resets the x-timer.

Something like this:


Perfect! Thank you, Seapup. There would have been a lot of profanity involved until I figured out I needed a separate rule for turning OFF the light after motion was no longer detected. Thank you for sparing any children in my general vicinity from that situation!

P.S. I bookmarked this thread so I can reply back with any rules issues.