Wyze Bulb: unable to finish pairing, Connection timed out

I seem to have trouble doing these bulbs too. I have done 3 so far, and every one of them has been difficult. Make sure you have 802.11G enabled on your router. I think that the “G” is the key. A lot of people just leave “N” enabled because they don’t think they will every use the others. You still have to turn off mobile data on your phone like you said you did. It is tricky to connect to that temporary bulb WIFI SSID in time too before it times out. It should not be this difficult, all the other products are easy so far (well I have not tried one of their A/C plugs yet).

I just setup a Wyze motion sensor and Wyze bulb to trigger “ON” when movement is sensed, and it works great. It goes off after it ceases motion. This is great for that hard to reach light switch!

The setup procedure is ridiculously convoluted and it might help explain why these bulbs are so reasonably priced compared to others like them.

I had the same problem and fought it for a long time but no luck. But then i read here about how many ip slots I had available. I checked and I had 50 slotted for devices. I increased it to 70 and my bulb linked up like nothing had been wrong. So just go to your router settings and increase the number of allowed IP address your router can use. I bet it will work.


Make sure the router is not set to "N " only on the 2.4 I had the problem with connection but I changed the router setting and the bulbs are set up again like before…

Had same problem. Found out it has to do with the number of up address our foyer is set to. Mine was 50 so 50 devices when I tried to ad another bulb, it kept timing out. Once I changed my router to 70 up address, I was good to go. Everything worked like a charm. Hope this helps.


Yes, be sure you check off the possible interferences on this list:

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This worked! Thx!

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Hey, Did you tried with iPad? i had same issue with iPhones and tried with iPad and it worked in seconds.

Good luck!

i had same pairing issue with iPhones and tried with iPad and it worked in seconds.

Good luck!

I didn’t read every post here but read many and tried the suggestions. Finally deleted the wyze app on my phone (android), reinstalled it, and then it worked perfectly. I was already on the latest release of the app before I deleted it.


Thanks for letting us know how you resolved it.

Its was the IOS 13 and separating the 2.4 ghz from the 5 ghz for me. I finally tried pairing it an older ipad with an older IOS and used the 2.4 designated 2.4 ghz wifi channel and it worked! I simply download the app on the older ipad and paired the bulb. I can now control it on my latest ios 13 iphone with ease.

A bit frustrated here.
Recently purchased 4 light bulbs and 2 smart plugs. No issues with the smart plugs what so ever. But light bulbs are completely different stories. For the life of me, I could NOT get it to finish pairing.
*** Using iPhone OS 13.3. **
*** Using latest Wyze software version - 2.6.62**
*** Wyze Cam firmware up to date. **
*** Deleted Wyze app and re-installed.**
*** Completely power reset-ed iphone**
*** Tried with an older ipad**
*** Home network is only running on 2.4 GHz - completely shut down 5 GHz. **
*** Location services “on”.**
*** Cellular Data turned off. **
*** I am sitting 5 ft from the router. **
*** Ensured Wifi password is correct. **
*** I am on my third Bulb now - all with the same issue.**

Is there anything I am missing?
Opened a support case with Wyze - received already known info of how to connect. Nothing specific to my issue.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the community, @eka_probashi. Here’s a couple of things that may help.

  • Routers commonly have a device connection limit. My old Netgear R7000 had a device limit of 32 per band. When I got close to the limit, my router refused to add devices.
  • Check the DHCP range on your router to make sure there are IP addresses available. I had limited the range on mine, and forgotten about it.

I also got a little frustrated when installing my first set of bulbs.
Another thing to check is to make sure that 802.11 G is enabled (not just “N”) on the 2.4ghz.
Make sure your SSID is not incredibly long, I think there is a limit to the length of SSID on the bulbs (maybe it was the password)?

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It’s the 1st thing the tech told me when I couldn’t get my garage door to pair after buying a new router.

Thank you, @muerte33, @DreadPirateRush.
Once I changed the length of SSID of the 2.4G to something much smaller like “4Wyze” the pairing went through. Once the firmware was upgraded, it was able to join any length SSID.

Everyone, appreciate your time and help here.

I am off to my actual Geofence project !

Happy Holidays.


Great news!!
I did not have the long SSID problem,
What solved my problem was to turn off wireless data on my phone.
It would be nice if Wyze could put up a sticky troubleshooting guide for bulb purchasers.
There are a LOT of problems that can trip you up on a bulb setup.
You know people that buy the 4 pack and have trouble with the first one get frustrated badly.

This is not a problem for all devices .
There is a troubleshooting guide with that info here

A search will also find info


If you have gotten this far and have not solved the issue, I may be able to offer a final suggestion. I literally spent hours determined to make these bulbs work using all the different ideas from this thread, in addition to getting Wyze support involved, who were ready to refund my money after nothing worked.I tried one last thing - I bought a repeater (Gallaway 1200Mbps wireless) and enabled it to run a 2.4ghz wifi channel with a unique SSID (the name or length didn’t matter) and then at last the Wyze bulbs synced immediately and I’m finally using them! … along with several Wyze cameras (that never had this issue). Hope this helps!