Wyze bulb, unable to connect via Android 10 phone, but OK with Android 7 phone

So, spent a lot of time trying to reconnect 1 of the bulbs back into our account, then tried our old phones which have Android 7 on them and added no problem (we originally set them up with our old phones).

The new phones have Android 10 (Moto G Stylus), and no matter what we did, the bulb wouldn’t connect using those phones.

Temporarily turn off mobile data! It saved my life.

Also I sure hope 10 itself isn’t an issue because my own MotoG has been prompting me to update for weeks.

I’m running Android 10 on some phones and tablets with no problems, but don’t have a Moto G. Connectivity and functionality with existing bulbs works fine and I also set a new bulb up this week with no problem.

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I have set up all my devices on Android 10 as I have a Google Pixel 3. With the bulbs turn off your mobile data at the time of setup. Also make sure youre connected to the 2.4ghz network instead of the 5Ghz network and it should work just fine. I actually just upgraded to Android 11 Beta 2 and Wyze app looks good minus a few cosmetics going weird. App works fine though.