Wyze bulb Question 2

So just got my box of lights. Was gonna put one on my porch light. Is it safe to leave the light on and use the scheduler?

Ie i got the bulb in and the light switch stays on.i got the light hooked up to my alexa so all i do is say alrxa turn porch light on/off. Wondering if it would use alot of power.

I use my bulbs on my front and back porch. Both of my porches are closed in so the bulbs are not exposed to the weather. I leave the light switch on all the time. The bulbs are set on a schedule using the rules to turn them on and off. So far my bulbs have worked perfectly. I haven’t noticed any changes in the power usage consumption much at all. :slightly_smiling_face:


Maintaining a wireless connection takes considerably less power than illuminating the bulb. It’s using some power to remain in standby mode, but I doubt you’d notice a difference on your bill. A 10-watt bulb (which is about what the 60-watt-equivalent LEDs are) costs about 2.5 cents to run for 24 hours. Even if you left it on 24/7, which most people don’t do, it would still cost less than a buck per month. So a bulb that’s not illuminated and only maintaining a wireless connection would cost significantly less than that.

As for outdoor use, it’s not covered by warranty, but based on anecdotal evidence, you should probably be fine. I also noticed that the bulb itself says “Suitable for damp locations” which seems like a good sign. Having said that, if water damage kills the bulb, they probably wouldn’t cover it.