Wyze Bulb on 220V

I live in a country where the electricity standard voltage is 220V and 50hz frequency.
This might be a stupid question, but is there any chance the wyze bulb can work?

Thank you in advance,

Not a stupid question at all. Yes, the Wyze bulb will work with 220v.


you just made my day, thank you so much!
I thought it would blow up when I screw it in! :smile:


You are welcome. Glad to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use it from 240V 50Hz mains a since a month.
It works seamlessly.
I would need a countdown clock to be sure to turn off after a time x.
If I forget the door open then don’t light all day.

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You can also do that if you get the bulb wet before you screw it in, but that might hurt…

After trying Wyze Bulb Color and seeing them all burn out, I read and realized that the color bulbs are not compatible with 220-240v.
Then I saw this thread, the FAQ and Amazon answers about the regular white bulbs being compatible with 220-240v, so I ordered 4.
Just tried one out and it burnt out within an hour.
So I’m reviving this thread to ask again whether the White bulbs are compatible with European voltage? The FAQ note about it seems to have also disappeared. It would be great if you could clearly communicate whether the new bulbs no longer work in the EU. It would actually be even better if you made lights that do work with no question about it. People love your products outside the US and would love to use them too.


The old white bulbs were not advertised as compatible with 220-240V, but they worked. The old white bulbs haven’t been available for sale for quite some time as the new Bulb White v2 replaced them.

The new white bulbs and color bulbs are definitely NOT compatible with 220-240V.

Too bad Wyze removed the old FAQ answer but didn’t post a new one that clearly states the new version is absolutely not for 220v officially or unofficially. It would’ve saved me some heartache. I actually did my research, but all indications were that it would work.

Wish I had seen this post earlier - bought 4 wyze color and 2 wyze white. All 6 burned out instantly! Bought LIFX 5 years back and they still work awesome! Only wanted to replace with wyze so I can have a single app .

Can’t imagine why wyze did not create compatible products for 230v !!

How is it possible to detect which is the old and new version ? I see some v1 is available aftermarket but it would be good to be sure what they are selling. So what is the difference ? For some model name shows WLPA19 while others are WLPA19V2 so with the former I do not think I can fail (if I am interested in a V1) but it would be good to get confirmed from someone who did/does have it already.