Wyze Bulb Outside the USA

Will the Wyze Bulb run on 220-240V?


According to the specs, just 120v.

Actually… according to the FAQ

“Yes, Wyze Bulbs are rated to work with both 110V and 220V.”

Thanks, I also saw the online spec but was wondering because many smart light bulbs work at both 110 and 220.

Can you point me out to this statement? I didn’t find it.




Awesome, thank you very much

Really… Hmmmm, because the specs details where I got the info in the app say 120v only. I’ll have to get them to change that. Thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

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Np! Glad I could help.


Wyze has updated the info in the FAQ.


I’m in Dublin, Ireland and just plugged in one of my two new WyzeBulbs (Model: WLPA19) . Lifeless. The bulb itself is marked as rated for 110V whereas our domestic electricity circuit would be 220V at 10A, so I had some concerns, but after being reassured by comments here and elsewhere I plugged it in. Dead.
I tried the bulb in another fitting. Same. No light.
I’m not going to risk frying the second bulb.

I’d hold off buying WyzeBulbs for export from US until they advertise them in your own home market themselves.

Their cameras, WyzeSense and WyzeLock (battery-operated) work fine though.