Will US Wyze Bulb Color (110V) work in UK (220V)

I recently purchased a dozen Wyze Bulb Color in the US and shipped to where I live in the UK. I tried plugging one in but it didn’t work. Then a light when on in my head (pun intended). This is using 110V whereas in the UK power is 220V so maybe they won’t work here!

Does anyone know if the 110V bulbs will work on a 220V circuit, or am I now the owner of a dozen unusable smart lights?

This is a confusing subject because the original white bulb was spec’d at 120V but actually had the circuitry to work at 220V. I don’t believe they did that with the color bulb, so I believe that one really is limited to 120V/60Hz. That’s what the spec sheet shows (and what should be printed on the bottom of your box).

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