Bulb Color not built on 220v compatible standard?

I’ve had 8 original Wyze Bulbs down in Australia for over 2 years. 1 died, and 1 recently started disconnecting from the app & working only at 100% brightness, but otherwise mostly ok.

Bought some Bulb Color’s. Plugged one in tonight, added it to the app. 1 hr later noticed it not turning on. Checked website & ah, its only 120v compatible. Annoying as hell but ok I get it. USA only. Checked original Wyze Bulb and same deal on the specs. 120v. Hmmmmm. Searched the forums and found a reply from Wyze support stating original Bulb advertised as 120v but built on 220v spec so should be ok.

Bulb Color not built on 220v spec or did I get a dud bulb?
Got more sitting here but worried I’ll just fry them…but unless I send it to USA I guess they’re useless anyway.

Sorry for your experience!

The volunteers you saw saying the original white Bulb was 220V compatible were quoting a support article that said the original Bulbs were spec’d for 120V, but had circuitry that should be able to handle 220V.

The FAQ article they quoted was only for the original Bulb, and there was never a corresponding article for the Color Bulb. So, we can’t say the same circuitry exists in the Color Bulb.

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