Wyze Bulb has stopped turning on via Ring doorbell sensing motion with Alexa

Original bulb.
It has worked fine for over a year until last week. Nothing has changed that I know of. I can look in Alexa and see the routine runs. Ring is sending the trigger to Alexa to turn on the bulb, but nothing.

I have deleted the bulb in the Wyze app and re-added it. I have deleted it in Alexa and re-discovered it. I have deleted the routine and created a new. Same thing.
Bulb is at latest firmware.
This is a pain in the butt.

Hi Bookooc, sorry to hear you’re having an issue with the integration. Did you submit a log yet? If so please share the number here (along with the time the routine was supposed to run) so we can look into it. Thanks!

@mike.s I am also having this issue. This happened after the Wyze bulbs v1 firmware was update to If there is some instruction on how to submit log I can do this.

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Disregard, I have submitted logs, and I am replying on this thread:

Thanks for the reply. Please update if you get answer.

No, I will do that.

Log 449314

I have not had a response from Wyze, but since my last post, it started working on it’s own.