Wyze bulb failure rate

Anyone notice Wyze bulbs have a failure rate of about 15-20% percent within a year or 2? I’ve have 20 bulbs and 4 of them has failed within 2 years. One simply refuses to connect. 2 are burned out despite the little flipply on off thing 3 times. And one will connect for about 12 hours, drop and never return. I think I threw them in the field next door. Tired of it. What are they, 30+ for 4 of them? Forget that. Stand by your product and replace defective ones.

Yes. I have 8. 2 have failed. Less than a year old. I did the three times off and on innumerable times.

Ive had 4 bulbs and all 4 have failed to connect at this point, they still light up just cannot connect or control. Same thing happened with the security contacts. That is pretty depressing…