Wyze bulb and led bulb in one fixture

I have a two light ceiling fixture run by a wall switch. Can I use one Wyze bulb and one regular
led bulb in the fixture? Also, the fixture gets manually turned on and off every day. What I am trying to accomplish is to have the ability to program the light to activate when I am gone. I am concerned that turning the light on and off each day will constantly deactivate the programming.


You can do one of each, but only the Wyze bulb will be automated.

If the switch is off you will lose all automation. The switch has to be on to have the automation features.

You would want to have 2 Wyze bulbs, but if the switch is off the bulbs won’t get power and you won’t be able to turn them on unless you flip the switch to on.


You should probably just pick up a second Wyze bulb and group them. Personally I prefer smart wall switches and generic bulbs.


What is the thought process or benefit you have in mind for having two separate bulbs (one wyze and other plain LED) in one light fixture?

With that combination, automation would be a challenge…