Wyze Bulb Activation in groups

Just wondering if there is a way to activate a group of Wyze bulbs together. I was doing 4 bulbs and had to do them separately and thought that there must be a better way (or hopefully there can be at some point :slight_smile:

Hello @chrisb968 and welcome to the community.

Currently there is not a way to do all 4 at once. I had the best luck at setting them up in an easy to reach lamp one at a time and then moving them to their final location.

Thanks. It would be a great feature add. Another question, are you able to get multiple bulbs starting connected in a group? I keep having all but one do connection

I have a fan that has 4 bulbs connected in a group, what i did was set them up each individually in a lamp then put the in the fan and created a group, they do work fine in the group

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