Wyze Buds Pro - Sound Quality Variation

My girlfriend got the Buds Pro and I tried them during the week-end.

First, the sound quality is especially good. Surprisingly good considering their price.
On the noise cancellation side, I would say they’re a notch below the Wyze headphones - but, add a grain of salt here since I did not make sure the proper seal size was installed for me.

On the negative side, and I think it’s some kind of firmware bug, the sound quality remains the same on 2 of the 3 listening modes. In both “Noise Cancellation” and “Transparency” modes, the sound is rich with plenty of well calibrated bass. Meanwhile, when “Noise Cancellation” is OFF, the sound loses a significant amount of bass - making them sounding more like a can. It is actually so degraded related to the other modes than I can’t imagine anyone using it.

Although I’m aware of some noise-cancelling headphones having different sounding profiles when the circuitry is not active (having owned many NC devices), this is not common with Bluetooth ones.
I believe it could be a firmware quirk.