WYZE Buds Pro - First Impression

I just read this from another user if on an iPhone give this a look. Funny though I am a V shape audio guy😁. I just re-read your post, my tip suggestion was ill advised my apologies.

Thanks for the tip! I’m on android so this wouldn’t apply to me but might be helpful for some others.

I received these a few days ago, and so far, they have been pretty decent. The auto-pause works as expected, and the ANC and transparency modes seem good to me. I have knockoff AirPod Pros that cost about the same as these Wyze ones. I think the sound from the knockoffs are a little better, but the ANC is better on the Wyze.

I only have two complaints about the Wyze bud pros:

  1. Turning ANC/transaprency off. Touch controls work great for switching between AND and transparency, but I wish I could turn it off, altogether, with the touch controls. Having to get out my phone and go into the app to turn it off is not very convenient.

  2. Getting the buds out of the case is difficult. I think it’ll just be a matter of getting used to “rocking” them out sideways, instead of grabbing and pulling.

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I received mine last Friday and got to put them to the test yesterday mowing my lawn. The noise cancellation when in a normal household environment seemed ok but is definitely less powerful than the echo buds that I normally use. I agree with others they are tricky to get out of the case and the bud tips seem to be oddly sized. I have smaller ear holes and will usually take the middle size of tips for a tight fit with other earbuds. The middle set with these seem a bit too big and the small set seem way too small, but they did stay in the whole 2 hours I mow. Over all the sound quality is good, seems crisp and clean. I had no connection issues when first using they paired right away and did a firmware update. My only other issue would be the tap control seems inconsistent. Maybe I am tapping the wrong area.

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Getting IEMs to fit everyone’s ears seems to be an impossible task…
I have very large ear canals, so I tried the largest ear tips, but they were WAY too small… Fortunately I had a bag of XL ear tips I got from Amazon a while back. With some careful trimming of the ear tip shaft, I was able to seat the XL ear tips on the Buds Pro nozzles. I’m still not getting a great seal, but it’s much much better than the non-seal no bass response of the large ear tips included in the package. Sound quality was very good for the price, but doesn’t raise any bars over other IEMs I’ve tried.

With my XL sized hands, getting the buds out of the case is a challenge; I just shake them out into my other hand instead. The touch controls are way too small for them to work consistently for me. Not a dealbreaker as I just use my phone for volume and track changes anyway.

While I consider myself as a basshead, the “Bass Booster” is way way way too much for the EDM tracks I’ve listened to, at least when I get a decent seal of the ear tip in my ear.

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FWIW, the 3rd party ear tips I’m using had a long stem like in your bottom photo. I trimmed them shorter to the length of your top photo and they now fit into the case.

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I received my pair today. I updated the firmware and as soon as I paired my buds the right ear has a pink noise in the background in noise cancel or transparency mode. When noise cancel is off it does not have the background noise. I factory reset and tried everything I know. Nothing…

Mine are working great. sounds amazing. ANC are great too… Only complaint is they are insanely hard to get out of the case. How did this pass quality control? seriously its a nightmare

I’m tempted to try these XL ear tips to see if they’d fit my jumbo ear canals better:
Not sure however if the stem is too long preventing them from fitting into the case thought…

*To get the buds out , use your left index finger on the inside of the left bud and pull it up do the same on the right with right index finger they come out very easy


I think they will be fine, and if you have large ear canals those XL 14mm will be your best friend.

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Has anyone else had the experience of bass boost having no effect? I am wondering if the poor audio quality I experienced is a result of mine being stuck on. I’m on android 11, one plus 8 pro.

While playing EDM on my 1+7T android v11, the bass boost has a promement effect, but you must have a decent seal with the right sized ear tip to hear it. IMHO, it’s way too boomy when enabled.

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I found it to have no affect on my iPhone 12 Max iOS 14

I tried again using “Ultra deep Bass Tester” and could tell no difference…

BTW if you wanna feel your ear drums rattle listen to that tester track, good lawd almighty., it was like a sub box in my head not my trunk😮

EDIT: So I tested the Bass booster in all three modes in the Wyze app on my iPhone 12 Max and my Samsung Note10+ and I could not tell a difference on either device.

UNTIL… I got to a Track called BASS TEST "Speaker Test Bass Extreme (Heavy Sub Bass) and it got into a portion of mid/low to low frequency bass levels and there was a clear difference while toggling on and off.
I believe the bass boost may only work for the low frequencies or my ex-Infantry ears aren’t great and I just can’t hear the difference when playing a standard song layered with other channels.

+1 to HD Rock’s Comment. I had a hard time removing them when trying to “pinch” to pick them up, but if you stick a finger in the space between the earbuds and use a lever up kind of motion it is super easy.

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I finally got mine and got to testing them. In general they are good, but did run into a few issues some others have commented about and one that I haven’t seen mentioned. They are difficult to get out of the case, it’s annoying that they unpair with device when you close the case, and with ANC off, the sound quality dimishes greatly. With ANC on or transpercy mode on they sound great. It’s incredibly annoying that they will only pair with one device and when taking a call, the other party says I sound great, but occasionally the other person’s voice sounds garbled for a word or two then is fine. I have never had this issue using other devices on my phone. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m using it on my Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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Paired with iPhone easily. Trouble pairing with Microsoft Surface though. It does pair (both sound and audio bluetooth connections); however Surface doesn’t ever pickup the Wyze Buds Pro as sound option. No where in the drop downs in the audio settings. My Bose work perfectly. It lists the Wyze Buds Pro as “Paired”, but can’t listen to music or take work calls with the Wyze Buds Pro on the Surface. Any tips? I also had to “Disconnect” from the iPhone pairing to get the 2nd device to pair. Then, when I went back to reconnect the iPhone, it said it couldn’t connect and had to repair completely. This is insane for something that took so long and had so many delays.


i received mine yesterday and initial impression with sound and connectivity was GREAT!!! Sitting at my desk on a call, they sound clear on both ends and i thought i was sold on them until i decided to walk around and hold a conversation, they wouldnt stay in my ears at all after a few mins. I tried different tips but after a few mins, i could feel them slowly loosening and about to fall out each time. I do have small ear canals and the APods seem to be the only ones that work for me but i wanted to try this style with the ANC built in. This tell me the Apple Pro version will not work for me as well due to similar design.

I tried my Wyze again today and they simply wont stay in while sitting in my chair and making any type of movement while talking. Even spinning around in my chair makes them slip out. I went to add some air to my MTB tire to get ready for a ride and that process also makes them fall out. I was really hoping these would work for a spare set to keep in another car or in a travel bag but i have already requested the return process. Glad to hear others are having great luck with them

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Tried the Buds Pro out for a phone call. Worked great for about 15 minutes, but then the audio started getting garbled on my end and the person I called said my voice kept cutting out. Once I disconnected BT on my phone and put the buds back into their charge case, I was able to continue with my phone conversation for another 45 minutes without any audio issues.

Are there issues/bugs with the HSP (Handset Profile) implementation on the Buds Pro?
The A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) connection for music seems to be working just fine for me without any issues.

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I tried out my buds Pro on a phone conversation today - and although the recipient (who was on a landline) said I sounded ok - I kept getting a tinny echo-ey sound when she talked and I ended up stopping using them within 10 minutes. That was disappointing but will try again at some point. But in terms of listening to music and audiobooks - they have worked great. Used to mow the yard and could hear the storyline easily.