WYZE Buds Pro - First Impression

Can you send me a link or email me a link to the best ones that still fit in the case?

The ones with the blue centers are the stock ones that came with the Echo buds, i cannot find an exact match for those even searching with the device name. These are the other ones I bought and tested, its a variety pack. Was looking for a low cost tip. They work just as well. In fact they slip over the speaker much easier.

Earbudz Replacement Earbuds Ear Tips fit Powerbeats, Skullcandy, LG, Panasonic, Symphonized, iFrogz, Mpow, Small, Medium, Large and Double Flange (16 Pairs - 32 Pieces) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R7MS1XL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_70R8MHE09MY4BVPP2VV5?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

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Thanks so much. I’ll pass this a long. I really appreciate the info.

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Got my ear buds today, setup was easy and straight forward. Had no issues. Now the testing begins.

But so far, I like what I see. Now I need to like what I hear. :slight_smile:

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I got mine today and the first impression is good. The packaging is superb. My only previous experience with noise cancelling ear buds was some cheapies from Amazon. This case is far more attractive. I’ve already dropped one trying to put it back in the case, but that is more my clumsy fingers than anything. Probably because I don’t have much experience with ear buds, I had some things I did not find to be intuitive:

  1. I believe the piece on the right as I face the open case is the ear bud for the right ear. My aging eyes could not see a label. They feel okay, so…
  2. Case charge is independent of whether ear buds are in the case. That is, I can charge the case while using the earbuds.
  3. If the ear buds fit in my ear and don’t fall out easily, I have the correct size
  4. Do the little rubber things wear out? Where do I replace them? I think someone talked about it in an earlier post, but these are very real questions from the uninitiated.

I had no trouble pairing with my Pixel 5 phone and I listened to an album on Spotify right away.
Very nice sound. It seemed both ears got equal sound level and quality.
The noise cancelling was very good. I still got a hint of thunderstorm in the background, but not enough to hamper my music enjoyment. I would think it is every bit as good, maybe better than my headphones which I consider my gold standard. Noise cancelling always challenges me because I hear all the snap, crackle and pop that my ear produces.

I may have more to say after I hit the gym.

Silly question: I love the cute short cable for charging the case, but I’d like suggestions of how to keep it where it won’t get lost.


As you face the case, Right ear is on the right and Left ear is on the left.
If you have trouble seeing the letters, remember you can use your cell phone and zoom the camera if needed.

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Yes, in theory, the buds won’t insert in their case in the opposite configurations, so if the case is open towards you the right is the right, etc. You don’t need to read them, just roll them out to the left & right and put them in the same ears.


Just tested my Ear buds Pro. Sound quality is excellent including the ANC. I am amazed at how well it cancels out the noise even though they are Ear Buds. I actually feel sound quality is on par with the headphones and maybe even better. Job well done.


I got a sticker in mine! It was tucked in the little black sleeve

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Just update and fyi on my replacement.
I was first told a replacement would ship in 1-2 days… then when I confirmed this I was told that they have no inventory and I would have to wait for more to come. Being quite upset at this information that they actually have not even set aside a few for a contingency such as this is ridiculous. Spoke to a supervisor who assured me that they did have a replacement to ship immediately. Now I get another email telling me they may hopefully ship soon as inventory resupplies. So I asked for this to be escalated so I could get some kind of accurate info or a time line on when to expect these to ship. It’s become quite obvious to me that one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing in their customer service dept. Quite disappointed with the whole ordeal.
I bought within the first hour and have backed many new product preorder. I believe I should have been given priotiy. Just fyi for this who may deal with this in the future.

Yep. That’s where mine was too.

Got to use the buds outside today … in Noise Cancellation mode they amplify some sounds. Specifically, I was using a weed eater and when I hit our plastic fence or a metal pole that sound was amplified into my ears. I also have the Wyze headphones, and they don’t do that. I had to check several times to make sure I didnt have them in Transparency mode.
The range is a lot less than I was expecting…about 30ish feet.
Like some others have said, its a learning process to get them out of the case.

Other than the curious amplification issue and the limited range, I like them - they’re pretty comfortable, and they stay in my ears even when I’m sweating profusely,

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Yea I went back and looked after another member said they had one as well. I still didn’t find one in my box.

Made a few Willy Wonka golden ticket references to the fact :rofl:

No biggie really to me… but Im starting to feel compelled to figure out the sticker, no sticker, digital badge mystery.

Elvis and lil R.Good in the mystery machine

Has anyone had issues with the buds not being very loud, couple people mentioned how loud they are and the ones I got are not very loud at all, I have to turn up the volume almost all the way, its my biggest disappointment with these new ear buds. Just checking, maybe I am missing something.

Ok, so this is my first set of ear buds, so I’m a newbie. I’m old school, so I have preferred good over the ear wired headphones in the past. Here are my first impressions:


  • Love the packaging and case!
  • I have kinda long, kinda pointy fingernails, so they are easy to get out of the case for me. My guy had trouble getting them out.
  • I put them on with the default (medium) covers and went to a reggae station on Pandora to test out the bass with ANC on. They sound fantastic!!
  • My guy was sitting right next to me on the couch. I saw his lips moving and asked him if he was saying something. He nodded yes. I toggled to transparency mode and could hear him talking loud and clear - so the ANC is amazing to me!

The Not so Good:

  • They didn’t stay in my ear very well, so I switched to the small covers - that was better for the right ear, but couldn’t get the left one to stay in for long.
  • I wanted to use one of these all day for talking purposes (I talk a lot), but I can see now that the short battery life won’t allow that to happen. I fully charged them first and used one at a time, but they won’t last me even half a day like that.

If nothing else, I’ll just use them for listening to music when traveling or doing house/yard work. Takes up a lot less space than my wired over the ear headphones.

Just checked. Mine are too loud if you turn all the way up. They seem right.

Using: IPhone 12 max music app (music app settings: Audio—Sound Check is set to off)

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Same with mine. I am using Android device

Got mine yesterday and wanted to add my 2 cents to this helpful thread.


Despite solid build quality, great ANC, comfortable fit, and a great price, the WYZE buds suffer from boomy, muddy over emphasized bass and harsh treble.


  • ANC is great and very noticeable. Yesterday was very windy and while doing yardwork they did a great job of cutting out noise

  • Case feels very high quality

  • Eartips are comfortable for long usage, noticably more comfortable than my Samsung Level U Pros (but see other issues in BAD section)

  • Pairing was easy with my android phone (I made sure to be on 2.4ghz wifi), and firmware upgrade was easy

  • Having an app is nice

  • Love that they auto pause music when you take them out of your year

BAD Audio Quality

  • Audio quality is very poor. V-shaped sound signatures are normal for earbuds at this price point, but WYZE has chosen and extreme V-shape that creates muddy, boomy bass that overpowers the mix, as well as harsh treble that puts too much emphasis on the highs. I did some critical listening comparing with ATH-M50xBT and Samsung Level U Pros (both very well reviewed at RTINGS.com for neutral sound) and this extreme v-shaped sound really stood out with the following:

  • Oye Como Va by Carlos Santana: The bass guitar completely overpowers the vocals and everything else

  • Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews: Not only does the bass guitar overpower, but the high hats are also over emphasized. Altogether the vocals and remainder of the mix sound recessed when they should be the focus of the mix.

  • Also just for reference I am not a neutral sound zealot - on my home theatre system I turn up the sub by +5 dB and love rumbly low bass. Just not so much that it overpowers everything else!

BAD other

  • As others have mentioned bass boost does nothing - I would hope it is stuck on and not stuck off as I would hate to hear these with even more bass!

  • The ear tips do not seal as well as traditional round IEM tips. I have small ears and normally use the small size tips, but with WYZE I had to move up to medium to prevent the buds from falling out. I tried all 3 tips but none sealed as well as the round tips from my LEVEL U PROs. I suppose comfort and sealing might be the tradeoff here. Given how good the ANC is, I am glad to take comfort over seal.

  • When I touch the buds on top to remove them from my ears when there’s lots of ambient I sometimes get high pitched feedback. Only lasts a second and doesn’t happen frequently.


In a world where the only choice was Airpod Pros or WYZE BUD PROS I would choose WYZE in a heartbeat. The bang for your buck of the WBP is amazing! If you really love bass or don’t prioritize sound quality in general, these are a really solid set of buds with amazing ANC and great build quality.

For me, given the many other very good and very affordable options in the market, I am leaning towards returning these because of the extreme V-shaped sound. I have also pre-ordered the EarFun Air Pro 2s, for which I am very hopeful given the incredible audiophile-level sound quality of the 1s and I would also point folks towards the Edifier Neobuds Pro, which have a hybrid dual driver (balanced armature + dynamic driver) along with high bitrate bluetooth codecs as a potential strong contender. If I receive the Earfuns before the WYZE return windows expires I’ll post a quick update here.


Any interest in replacing the tips before returning? Noticeable difference for me when I did.

Generally replacing the eartips would be to get a better seal which would create more bass! But yes I did see your post and appreciate the info on the ability to use 3rd party tips

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