Audio quality: Wyze Headphones vs Wyze Buds Pro

I’m a Wyze fan and ordered the Wyze Headphones early on. I know not to expect miracles but I have to say that I was underwhelmed by the audio quality of the Wyze Headphones. Audio sounds flat, and almost distorted. Playing with the equalization seems to make little difference.
Anyway, I figured not everything can be a hit, so just threw them in a drawer.
Again, I’m a Wyze fan so I pre-ordered the Wyze Buds Pro. They arrived yesterday and not only did they exceed my expectations, it makes me feel like my Wyze Headphones are defective.
Does anyone else have both and feel the same way?
Should the Wyze Headphones have similar audio quality compared to the Wyze Buds Pro?

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I just received the Ear Buds Pro. Been busy today and will test tomorrow. I have been reading nothing but great news on the Ear Buds, so looking forward to it.

I also have the Headphones and find them to be great. I have enough volume, the Noise Cancellation works great, and they are not uncomfortable to wear all day - IMHO.

I will provide a comparison when I test tomorrow and let you know what I think.

I have both as well, i like you have had my expectations exceeded with the buds.

I also very much enjoy the headphones.

I do feel as if the sound quality with the buds is better than the headphones. And the noise cancellation on the headphones are better than the buds, but, they are two different styles of audio device.

In ear vs. over the ear…. And since the Sony yellow sports waterproof walkman i have been an in ear fan (my first device with in ear)

Not sure if its fair to compare the two devices apples to apples based on the design.

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Thought I’d post a follow-up…

I happened to notice today that I had enabled the iOS Headphone Safety feature to Reduce Loud Sounds.
Once I disabled it (or even raised the limit higher), the Wyze Headphones sounded better, and the distortion was gone.
It’s weird that with the previous setting, it didn’t affect my Sony WH-1000XM4 or AirPods Max and only the Wyze Headphones, but perhaps that will help someone out.
So, now I would say the Wyze Headphones meet or maybe slightly exceed expectations. No, I wouldn’t expect them to match the Sony or Apple headphones, but the noise cancellation works pretty good and the sound signature is above average.

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Interesting info on the setting that changed the quality. Thank you for sharing.

I found the Wyze buds to be great for everything except audio quality. You can see my full thoughts here: WYZE Buds Pro - First Impression - #122 by Birder22

I too am a wyze fan with multiple cameras and a doorbell that I love, but for WBP there happen to be really very good (hopefully much better) options at the same price point.