Wyze Buds Are Here to Rock With You From Home to Gym - 8/31/21

Introducing Wyze Buds: your body-rocking audio partner from home to gym. Listen for 7 straight hours on a single charge, then add up to 20 more hours in the charging case. Block out the outside world with 30db of passive noise reduction and get crystal clear calls with a 4 microphone system. Starting at $43.99. Limited quantities shipping now.


To clarify for others who click on the link and see it shows $53.99, the limited-edition Electric Green ones are $10 more, the Black ones are the ones that start at $43.99.

  1. Electric Green: $59.98 ($53.99 + $5.99 shipping). -Ships in 1-2 days
  2. Black: $49.98 ($43.99 + $5.99 shipping) -Preorder (Est: mid-September Shipping)
  3. One of each: $104.46 ($53.99 + $43.99 + $6.48 shipping)

In other words, apparently, Wyze is allowing us to get shipping discounts on this product when you order more than 1 at a time (bulk order)!


Got one. Green color looks slick!


well dam. no green for me :man_shrugging:. got the pro ones in the mail a few days ago. fingerprint magnet. hopefully, the green one would be better… still, that was fast. out of stock in about 3 hours.


That’s strange I just looked,

something is whacked out though because I went ahead and added to my cart and then it shows

Those are the black ones, the green ones do say out of stock if you try to order

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It says limited edition green right in that first picture I posted
here’s the black ones it says midnight black

The green should be 53.99 and both photos show 43.99

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I know that but it is still wrong where it says limited edition green ,will it cause confusion ? I don’t know

This is what I see

Sorry about the label issue! We’ve identified the cause and are working on it now. :slight_smile:


@WyzeGwendolyn I was just pointing out my observation

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Which we very much appreciate! :slight_smile:


Hey I show that the green ones are sold out too but it says 16% ordered. Is this a mistake. Are the green ones sold out?

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The green ones are all sold out, the xx% ordered that it shows are on the black version as there are only a certain number available in the pre-order.

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Sorry, jose.razo.sosa! Jason is correct. I’ll tell the team about your interest! :slight_smile:

In the first image, the circle is around the black. I see that the description says Limited Edition Electric Green, Must have been a bug in the selection process. What is interesting is the colors are switched when I look at it, yours is Green then Black, mine is the opposite as shown below.


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Why are these still as of right now not on the store front with in the app. The only reason I found out was through my news feed on Facebook. I actually seen it in time that I could have ordered the green ones if I wanted to. However I think a lot of loyal customers missed out because it isn’t on the Wyze App Store front. It’s only online Wyze.com.