Wyze branded travel adapters (Europe)

Hi there al Wyze users!

Now, if you want to connect your Wyze cam in Europe, you need to buy a seperate socket for the wall outlets, because they only come with UK socket connection.

I contacted Wyze about this and they asked me to start a topic on the forum so they could see how many people are interested in this feature.

For now, we can buy a ‘travel adapter’


Do you mean something like these?


I bought a set of these for our summer trip. I plan on charging our phones and setting up a Wyze camera in our apartments while we are sightseeing.

I am Chus from Barcelona, I requested a friend who works in NY city to bring 3 Wyze cam taking advantage he was travelling home for Christmas. Now I would like to get some more (4-5) and I have checked Amazon price and it is €50 with delivery which is more than double the price you get in the web of for North America market. I have been disseminating Wyze cam around my community here and all are looking forward to get them at same price as in North America. Any timing for that?
If you are need a partner here or looking for one, I can be of help :wink:

I believe this is the #wishlist topic you were actually looking for. :slight_smile:


Hello Chus, a guy from Bilbao. Which plug do you use? Because the one in the package doesn’t work for us, our socket is different. Can I use the ones for the iPhone/iPad? As the camera supports 240V… no problem with it right?


Hi Bilbo,

I used the following: https://www.amazon.com/OREI-Universal-Grounded-Adapter-Black/dp/B00DTRHB5I/ref=sr_1_34?keywords=plug+US+to+EU&qid=1581347440&sr=8-34


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