UK owners Beware cheap adaptors

As the Wyze Cam only comes with a US adaptor we Brits need to find our own that fits UK sockets, of course, you need for a WYZE Cam a 5V 1A adaptor.
I bought 3 from eBay UK (look like Chinese import) and everything was OK for 5 days, then while away for the weekend, I notice 1 Cam was off line. On returning home I was horrified to see the adaptor had exploded and I was left with half the adaptor still in the socket (see attached pics). Fortunately the mains CB tripped but very surprised to see such drastic damage to the adaptor as I would have thought that in the event of a failure, the device would have had better internal protection.
The Cam is working fine again and was always used indoors, I am now using a 5V 2A adaptors of a differant mfg.
Hopefully Wyze will soon provide Cams with the option to have EU & UK adaptors and please we need Wyze plugs compatible with UK & EU systems.
Wyze people!!! Such a great product this is already showing high interest in UK please start supporting us

Be careful mate, maybe its better you swap Wyze power brick with a universal USB cell phone charger (of course avoid the cheap unknown brands). Unlike with socket adaptor, this way you don’t have additional point of contact to worry about.

Yes - in UK too and wary of that,
So far i’ve only used USB power adapters that had been supplied with a branded phone as its charger for my cameras

So difficult to know if you are buying a safe product nowadays with all counterfeiting and cheap china manufacturing, esp with the old joke about CE standing for China Export

Thanks for your reply, It was a UK power brick (USB Charger) but made in China I don’t want to use socket adaptors.

I will be bringing with me from Canada to France, 2 cams and i have the same issue with the adaptor, i don’t really know which one and where to buy them… :frowning:

Well Wyze US version USB adapters already catch FIRE so really about the same thing…

Do a search on forum about “USB Fire” Wyze has had this issue for several years :exclamation: :fire: :fire: :fire:

Here is a link to the latest one: Wyze USB power adapter Caught Fire and Melted AC Prongs

Thank you for the info.
It remenbers me my Samsung charger (phone) that did exactly the same thing while charging overnight…
Not nice to wake up with that smell :frowning: