Wyze Bike - Let's Get Riding!

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My Bother showed me your WyzeCam yesterday, and I immediately thought of an application. In short, there are certain integrated or stand-alone mounts for bicycle saddles and seatposts that can accommodate various utilities, and my thought is to mount a Cam (i.e., WyzeBike) at the bicycle rear. The camera would capture the activity behind the rider, and display it on ideally her/his GPS Computer. Personally, I would love to know what the @#$% is going on behind me, and more specifically, if there is a car or truck approaching. Anyway, this is the long and short of it, and the only caveat is that WyzeBike would have to be perhaps even more compact and with a reasonable battery life. Your community thoughts are welcome. Thanks!

Not a bad idea , I have a rear-view mirror on the left handlebars on all my bicycles , there are several different styles available

I use a mirror attached to my helmet, and always know when a car is coming from behind. Here is a link for the mirror.


Yeah I have seen those that’s another option